Friday, June 08, 2007

Still Busy!

But things are slowly easing off, thank goodness. Last weekend was VERY busy. I left on Thursday for Edmonton, for 4 days of dog shows. There was one outdoor dog show each day for Friday through Monday. On Friday night was the Puppy Sweepstakes for our National Breed Specialty, on Saturday was our National Specialty and on Sunday was another Specialty. So we showed 7 times in 4 days! Phew! We also had a Specialty dinner, a structure seminar and a live auction. Talk about being busy! Grace showed really, really well for me, and behaved well in her Aunty Jackie's trailer too. She made a new friend (kisses to Emmitt Bowers!) and charmed many people. Farley got to strut his stuff in the Parade of Veterans, which made him almost as happy as the tennis ball he got.

I came home Monday night and promptly threw myself into preparations for my Grad ceremony, which is tomorrow. Being a part of the organizing committee means that I had a few tasks to handle. Luckily everything is pretty much done, and I can just enjoy the day.

I'm certainly glad that after this life should return to a fairly normal pace for a few weeks. I need a break!

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Visichy said...

Sounds like things have been super crazy lately. Hopefully you can relax for a while now :)

Congratulations again on your exciting graduation! :D