Monday, May 14, 2007

What a weekend :)

Well, I have to say that Vicky and Vince had a lovely wedding. They had a Justice of the Peace, and the ceremony was in the same location as the reception, all in the evening. It was nice to be there to celebrate with them both. And at the family dinner on Friday night, we discovered my new nickname (thank you Ben!). Weeza introduced me to him, and he said "oh yeah, that's Kelly from the blog!" Sort of like Jenny from the Block (J-Lo), except I'm K-Lad. So now all of my peeps can refer to me as either K-Lad or Kelly from the Blog.

I had a fabulous visit with Farley and Grace's breeder and her niece . . . we did LOTS of chatting, mostly about dogs, but about other stuff too. I had an absolutely delectable lunch served to me on Friday, and an equally tasty breakfast served to me on Sunday. The dogs were very attentive (especially the boys), and it was tons of fun. The only bad part was that the visit was too short.

Now it's back home, and gearing up for dog shows. I have about a million snoods to sew for our upcoming National Specialty, and a dog to get ready for showing again. It should be busy and fun :)


Visichy said...

LOL! It was great to have you here "Kelly from the blog". The visit really was too short and now it's back to regular life... big sigh. Hope show preparations go well. Hugs!

Weeza said...

Hi Kelly from the Blog! I love that nickname. :-) It was great to see you again and you can use my shower any time you want!