Monday, May 21, 2007

Good Bye Long Weekend!

Well, the long weekend is almost over now :( So sad to see it go - I have enjoyed having the additional days off. In addition to having today off (thank goodness for Statutory Holidays), I took Friday off as a mental health day. Good thing too, as we had company over that night and had to get the house cleaned up. We had company over on Saturday night, to celebrate my mom's birthday, so that was a busy day too. Last night we went for sushi (yep, for my mom's birthday) and I also groomed a client dog.

Grace is downstairs, with three out of four feet trimmed for the coming show weekend. Unfortunately my nieces are here to distract her, so I can't get her to stand still so that I can trim the last foot. So we're both taking a break, and then I'll try and get that last foot done.

I have a busy few weeks coming up, so there may not be many blog posts. Of course, since I've been slacking anyhow, you gentle readers may not even notice a difference in frequency. But I feel it's only fair to warn you anyhow.

Enjoy your spring or summer or whatever season it is for you!

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Visichy said...

It's a cool spring day here but it seems the people in the Calgary area are experiencing a sudden blast of winter. Good day to not be in Cow-town :)