Saturday, August 19, 2006

What a day! Whew!

Holy smokes, when your mother asks for help with a few chores around the house, run like hell! Or at least, if MY mother asks for help, definitely run as fast and as far as you can! The other day she mentioned that she needed some help with stuff around the house, so I agreed to lend a hand. What a huge mistake LOL

Mom rented a U-Haul cube van so we could do a couple of trips to the dump. I was thinking, oh some garbage around the yard or whatever. Yeah right! My brother and I hauled THREE couches (heavy, heavy, heavy) and an armchair, as well as debris around the yard and a rabbit hutch to the dump. Oh yeah, and a lawn mower and an old BBQ. It was a lot of work! My arms are still sore from the IV sites, so I was feeling just wiped right out. Sweating like a pig (I know, I know, I'm such a lady LOL) Anyhow, my brother and I had fun at the dump, tossing stuff all over the place. For some odd reason, we found it really hard to "toss" the couches very far, but we had plenty of fun anyhow.

Then we had to pick up my elliptical machine from my friend's house. This friend has been out of the country since early May, and I bought the machine a couple of weeks prior to that, and I still hadn't picked it up. Yeah, I'm embarassed. Anyhow, we picked it up today, and just MOVING it was a work out! It weighed a freaking ton! It was at least as much work as the three couches. We were both aching after that.

THEN . . . yes, not done yet . . . my brother and mother trimmed umpteen branches off the maple tree out front. I was personally a little disgusted with still being working at like 2:30pm, so I was inside, hiding with my niece. We were watching the most thrilling Disney movie called "Ice Princess." Ick, totally Disney. TOO Disney, in fact. So our last load to the dump was a cube van FULL of branches and leaves. They're not fun to toss either . . . with all the branches and stuff, they don't get any air at all.

So now I'm tired . . . soaked in the hot tub for a while, and am going to bed nice and early. Tomorrow I have a paper to work on, dogs to groom, and stuff to do. Let's see if I get even half of it done ;)


Weeza said...

LOL, I can just picture you trying to throw a branch away and it landing at your feet. At least you can take comfort in knowing that your suffering has brought laughter to others. Tee hee. :-)

Visichy said...

Quite a work out. I imagine the house looks awesome though. You won't have another day like that for a long time :)