Sunday, March 19, 2006

Snow Day

I have to say, this has been one of the warmest winters on record for Northern Alberta. It's sort of unreal to think of the temperatures that we've had, and realize that I can count the number of really cold days on one or two hands. Usually I need at least one hand just to count the really cold weeks! So this morning it was a bit of a shock to wake up to snow, especially since it's so warm. I expect that it will just get really slushy and mucky now, because the snow is melting almost as soon as it hits the ground. Oh well . . .

I realized something as I was bathing Billy last week (other than the fact that he was really dirty, which I knew before I started). When I reach for his front leg, he picks it up and offers it to me! I have groomed a few show dogs in my day, and most of them are as used to being groomed as Billy is, but he's the first dog I've had that offers his paws for washing. Pretty smart, when you think about it! I was impressed, anyhow. Who knows, maybe I'm just easily impressed . . .

I took Billy to be looked at by some show friends of mine, people with different breeds. They both had nice things to say about him, but of course they would, since they're my friends. The true test will be once I start showing him. As long as I can get him to behave reasonably well, what the judges do as far as placing him in his class should tell me something. I don't expect him to do anything his first weekend in the ring, since it will all be new to him, but I'm kind of hoping he does something as he gets older. I think he's a good dog . . . but I'm biased, and it's hard to know how much of a role my bias is playing here. I really look forward to showing him off, anyhow. I just hope he doesn't embarass me too much LOL

I'm looking forward to the show in Surrey, BC. I've never been there, and it should be fairly nice at this time of year. And I'll get to see some of my "old" dog show friends, as well as meet some new people. There is one lady that I have been writing to (on email) for a couple of years now that I'm really looking forward to meeting. And of course, all the dogs. That's always my favourite part . . . seeing the new up and comers, or seeing some of those dogs that I've always wanted to see in person. There should be quite a few dogs from the Washington and Oregon areas, so it'll be nice to meet those people and dogs as well. It's just been far too long since I was at a dog show, with something to take in the ring. Almost a year!

Well, it's a nice, quiet Sunday afternoon . . . I think I will go snuggle with some Cockers and read a good book!

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Visichy said...

I think the Surrey show will be fun too :) Can't wait to see Billy in the ring.