Monday, December 21, 2009

It's The Small Things

So, this past weekend I finally broke down and bought the dogs Christmas presents. All year long my mom complains about dog toys laying all over the house, so I vowed not to get them anything this year. My plan was to do homemade cookies instead. Well, my MOTHER was the first one to cave . . . she got them holiday-themed tennis balls and some other toys from the vet clinic (they carry great toys there).

A lady that sells pet supplies as a home business had an open house this weekend, with 30% off everything. I needed dog food anyhow, so I went to her place. The dogs have LOTS of presents now. I bought a Premier "Kibble Nibble" for Jack Jack, since he loves toys that make him work for his food. Farley got a "Pentapull" toy with squeakers and made of nylon. Grace got a Tough Turtle puzzle toy. It won't matter - Jack Jack will steal it from her anyhow.

The big thing that I bought (well, my mom and I are splitting the cost - she's such a good doggy grandma!) is a Drinkwell Platinum water fountain. I have wanted one for the dogs for ages, and it was on sale, so I took the plunge. Grace and Farley walked up, looked at it, and had big drinks. No issues, other than Grace dunking her ears in the water. I need a room-sized placemat to catch the water dripping from her mouth and ears. She looks like a Loch Ness Cocker!

Jack Jack, on the other hand, is completely convinced that it's a Cocker-Spaniel-eating-monster. He took one look at the fountain and retreated to the far corner of our kitchen, shaking and tail tucked. I sat on the floor in the kitchen for quite a while, trying to calm his nerves and ease his worry. He watched the other two dogs have a big drink, and so he got brave and took a drink. Well, as soon as the water "chugged" in the reservoir he backed RIGHT off. Poor guy . . . he's totally convinced it's evil. I wish he wasn't such a scaredy cat! Anyhow, I did hear him later, drinking out of it when nobody was around. Of course, once it chugged, he quit drinking, but I didn't hear the frantic scrabble of nails on laminate. In the meantime, I have an alternate source of water for him.

Any suggestions on a huge placemat or something else to catch the water from my Loch Ness Cockers that insist on dragging their ears through the dish and walking aorund with water dripping from their lips???


Visichy said...

Kelly, if you go to Canadian Tire/Walmart/Zellers and look in their carpet/rug area you'll find floor mats in a huge range of sizes. Many are washable. You might find something you like there. Good luck :)

Sarah C said...

What about a boot mat thing? You know those rubber ones with edges that you put your wet winter boots on, and they catch all the water as the snow melts? Just an idea. Oh and the story of Jack-Jack had me laughing... I feel bad for him, but I can just hear the nails on the laminate... funny :D

Brenda said...

LOL I can totally relate to the "Loch Ness Syndrome"!!
Our dogs (and cat) get one stocking full of goodies. Luckily they both have thier own idea of a great gift. The Lab lives only for tennis balls! Remi lives for the small plastic squeeky toys.
Poor Jack Jack, I hope he learns to love his new watering system. I have found Remi has the same fear of Construction cones. It took us 15 minutes to walk past one last week :/
Merry Christmas to you!!