Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays

Farley, Grace, Jack Jack and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you (my faithful blog readers) a Merry Christmas! This card was done by a good friend of mine named Cindy. You can see more of her work on her website -

We have Jack Jack, Farley and Grace, from left to right.

On a side note - Jack Jack is no longer afraid of the fountain. I placed it on a bath mat, and that seems to be working for now. He isn't running up for a drink, but he will drink from it without too much encouragement. So that's progress.

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Your holiday card looks beautiful! Cindy does great work! Although it helps to have 3 beautiful Cockers to start with ;)
Hope you had a great Christmas! Heres to a happy healthy New Year for 2010!!