Monday, October 26, 2009

Time Flies . . .

I think I've used this blog post title more than once . . . typically when life gets the better of me, and I seem to miss out on posting on my blog. It just seems like every now and then the universe implodes, and my time just disappears. Last week (and the week before!) was like that. My favourite co-worker (well, I have two favourites) informed me that he wouldn't be returning to work on our site anymore. He's from the US, and due to tax complications, he had to go home. I'm mentally able to do my job without the early coaching and mentoring he provided me, but I will miss the mental and emotional support. He's still available via email and telephone, but it's just not the same.

This past weekend I had a dog show to attend. I have been in somewhat of a dog show dry spell - my last show was in early June (except for my trip to California, but I didn't show anything there). Before June I showed in early April, so it's been a sparse year for shows. Anyhow, when I go so long between dog shows, my expectations grow. I start thinking of dog shows on a more glamorous and industrious way than they typically actually happen. Fortunately (for me, anyhow), this past weekend didn't disappoint one bit. Oh yeah, there were still some of the usual scandals or what have you (scandals is the wrong word, but whatever . . . ), but everybody managed to play nice and get along. We had some beautiful dogs being shown in our breed, and a nice big entry. We had a number of dogs in obedience (more than usual), and a few successes, which is always a positive.

Personally, I had a really nice weekend with my girl Grace. Gracie passed all three days to earn her Pre-Novice obedience title, officially known as the PCD in the Canadian Kennel Club. It is a pass/fail class that judges the dog on modified Novice Obedience commands, making things easier for the dog and handler. It is not required to have a PCD in order to compete in Novice, but it's a good class for new dogs or handlers. Gracie is now known as Silverwood's Elegantly KLAD PCD, RN, CGN - bred by Valerie Richardson and Vicky Bennett, and owned, loved and trained by me. Her sire is Am Can Ch Buttonwood's Crown Royal, and her dam is Ch Silverwood's Pretty In Pink. Gracie is my therapy dog, as well as an agility dog in training.

I am so proud of Grace and everything she has accomplished for me. She missed out on puppy classes and foundation obedience classes - she was home-schooled and suffered from my own lack of knowledge. Despite me, she's a pretty dog to watch (when the mats are clean and she isn't sniffing for food), and she never hesitates to trust me and to do what I ask of her. I hope to have her ready for Rally Advanced and Novice Obedience next year, in time for our National specialty.

We also had our club's Christmas party (yes, yes I know it's early) . . . we took advantage of the nice weather and the great location (Camrose has a new casino that was a FABULOUS venue in which to have our dinner) and got everybody together in one spot. It involved a gift exchange, awesome food and a ton of laughs. I don't usually get to attend the party, because I hate braving the wintery roads in November, so I was glad to take part this year.

All in all, it was a great weekend that exceeded expectations. Who can ask for more than that?

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