Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well, after 8 days on the road, I'm finally home. Hooray! While I always enjoy traveling, there's nothing quite like being in your own home and sleeping in your own bed. And of course, I never sleep as well without my guy Farley to snuggle up with.

I've now driven the 401 (the main east-west highway through the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and managed to do so without incident. After more than half a dozen trips to Toronto, it really was time to brave the beast (the highway). It went well, and was kind of exciting - for the first 5 minutes, anyhow. Anyhow, it's another thing that I've been meaning to try. For those of you with no knowledge of the 401, it's massive. Many, many, many lanes of traffic going in either direction, and plenty of cars wanting to cross all of the lanes at once.

I had a fabulous visit with my best friend and her parents. I haven't seen her parents in close to three years, and it was just too long. It was nice to be able to give them huge hugs. I also got to see her brother, sister-in-law and their kids. That visit was a hoot, the kids were a lot of fun.

And, of course, seeing my best friend. Because we live so far away from each other, any visit is much appreciated. This "freebie" visit was a HUGE bonus! It was nice to have some down time, to just enjoy each other's company.

Now it's back to the grind stone, until next weekend, when I go to my last dog show of the year.


Brenda said...

OMG!! 401!! When we lived in NE Michigan, we took 401 across Canada to get to my Husbands family in Upstate NY just south of Montreal. The worst accidents I have ever seen in my life were on 401. We usually drove it through the night (it was a 10 hour drive) and always seemed to drive through Toronto at Midnight (lot's of traffic!) One good thing about that area is there was always some great radio stations with pumped up music to keep my mind off all the lanes of traffic.
Glad to hear you made it home safe. I bet Jack-Jack, gracie and Farley are glad to have you back too :)

Sarah C said...

Glad to know you made it home safe and that you had a good time!

Visichy said...

OMG! NACA is your last show of the year?

BTW, my word verification this time is "puppi". How appropriate.