Monday, May 04, 2009

Holy weekend, Batman!

I was so busy I barely had time to sit down!

Friday night my niece came for the weekend. She's 8 - it's a good age for interaction, and she's really smart and inquisitive, so she's lots of fun to hang out with. I groomed Taffy, my very first foster dog (she's on my website, on the rescue page), and my niece helped me a bit by cleaning up the hair.

Saturday morning I got up and let Farley upstairs while I showered (live in the basement, with my own bathroom). Went to go upstairs and found the wrapper from a diabetic chocolate bar. My dad said he'd only eaten one piece, so I dug out the hydrogen peroxide and waited for Farley to throw up. He was licking his lips a ton, but no vomiting. So my mom, my niece and I went out to run errands. Came home to a huge pile of chocolate vomit on our beige basement carpet. But at least he got it out. Brat!

Saturday night we took my niece to a belly dancing recital, as a family friend was performing. We went to another friend's house for supper first, and then went as a big group. It was fun! I want to learn to belly dance now - those women were amazing!

Sunday morning I got up and bathed and dried Jack Jack (weekly ritual). My niece helped a bit with brushing, but she did get bored . . . I can't blame her. What 8 year old wants to watch you dry a dog for an hour? LOL Then I took her to my two dog training classes - Rally obedience and then Novice obedience trial-prep. She LOVES helping with my classes, and it's great exposure for the dogs, many of whom aren't used to kids. When we got home from class, I cleaned out the inside of my car for the first time since winter had set in. It was very gross - several trips with kids in the backseat led to crumbs and food all over, and dog hair supreme. That took an hour and a half, and then I took it to a car wash to clean the outside. It looks and smells great now!

Sunday night is TV night - we watched our shows and took my niece home. I am thankful to be at work, where there is no physical labour LOL

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Visichy said...

It's so hilarious when we look forward to the weekend only to have so much to do that we look forward to taking a break from it all on Monday.