Friday, December 12, 2008

Secret Santa

Today at work we had our Secret Santa gift exchange. Basically, everybody pulls a name from a hat and buys for that person (as long as they don't draw their own name!). The dollar value is $20-$25, and the gift has to be tasteful. It's lots of fun!

People got some great gifts this year . . . it's obvious that a lot of thought went into what people bought. Our boss, who is here from Australia, got a Royal Canadian Mint 50 cent piece with a holographic snowman on it. VERY cool! The co-worker that our boss purchased for received a small framed print by an Australian artist. I got a dog record book - like a journal for a dog, with sections for all aspects of a dog's life. VERY nice.

Everybody brought in some goodies (I brought in cupcakes decorated as reindeer), and a nice time was had by all. I hope your workplace (if you have one, of course) does a similar, festive event.

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Visichy said...

Going to my office christmas party in 23 minutes :) Instead of a gift exchange this year they've hired a hypnotist for entertainment. Should be interesting LOL.