Monday, December 22, 2008

Learned something new

Yes, that's right. Today I learned something new. I'm not a plumber. Now, I'm sure this doesn't really surprise any of you, considering I've never had any training as a plumber. But the flushing mechanism on my toilet crapped out (pun intended *snicker*) just over a week ago, and I figured it should be an easy fix. Buy a new chain at the hardware store, fit it to the flushing mechanism, and presto! the toilet would be fixed. Hah! The chain was relatively easily fixed. But then I snapped off the floating arm that stops the toilet from overfilling.

No worries, I thought. I figured it would be simple to fix (relatively). I've installed a ceiling fan, so what can't I do? Apparently installing a new floating arm thingy is slightly beyond my capability. And of course, now I'm annoyed beyond belief. We have company coming from out of town on Wednesday, and we're down a toilet. Sigh.

Anybody have the number of a good plumber????


Ange said...

The only plumber I know is the "liquid" kind and I even manage to mess THAT up from time to time :) 'Course, that doesn't mean that I don't wish I were there to help...think about the Christmas Eve stories I could tell if I helped you fix the toilet this year!

Sorry to hear that you are down one "crapper" for the holidays (okay, crude, but YOU try getting that particular word in a sentence without it sounding awful...and to think that I learned it from my mother). At least, they'll be spending more time upstairs? Maybe?

Weeza said...

I feel your pain. A similar thing happened to our main toilet a few weeks ago. Fortunately my husband was able to replace it, but the new one is a bit tricky. You either have to hit the plunger JUST RIGHT or else you have to hold it down for 20 secs while it flushes. Total nuisance. I hope your repairs go better!

Visichy said...

That sucks! Perfectly working plumbing is something we take for granted until a little thing goes wrong and we panic... and by we I mean me-in-that-situation. :)