Tuesday, December 02, 2008

In The Mood

I am slowly getting in the mood for Christmas. On Sunday night my mom and I attended a party held for volunteers of the local animal shelter . . . we have been sorting bottles to raise funds for the shelter. On the way down to the party, both my mom and I were tired and hoping that it would be an early night. The meal was amazing - beef wellington, rice pilaf, a couple of salads, vegetables with goat cheese and a lovely dessert.

The most fun was afterwards, when they had the live auction. Everybody attending was asked to bring an item for the auction - there were no limits on what people could bring. Because it was for charity, people really opened their wallets and spent a lot of money. It was awesome! The lady that acted as auctioneer is actually the lady that taught the writing course I took in early October - she has a fabulous sense of humour. She interacted well with the crowd, and everybody had lots of laughs.

My mom and I left smiling and laughing, and definitely much more in the mood for the holidays. So, happy holidays!

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