Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wishful Wednesday

In the tradition of my Thankful Thursday posts, I am starting a new trend - Wishful Wednesday. Hopefully this new theme will keep me occupied for a while. I have so many wishes and so little time to list them all :)

But this week it's easy - I wish that I could take a super fast flight or train to get to the dog show. As it is, the drive is something like 6.5 hours, which is basically a full day. UGH! Work in potty breaks (for the dogs and I) and gas breaks (for the car, not me) and it makes for a long day (or evening). If the show goes late on Sunday, I run into the issue of having to drive home in the dark, in relatively heavy traffic. That thought is less than thrilling. Okay, less than acceptable, really.

What do you wish for this Wednesday?


Visichy said...

My biggest wish right now is to be 100% healthy and get rid of the remnants of this cold.

Ange said...

My Wednesday wish this week would be to write a sentence with fewer w's :)

No, really. I'd wish that my class of 27 could become a class of 20 without losing any of my students!