Monday, September 08, 2008


Sorry that I didn't post an update about my friend Terri, in Louisiana. They had a pretty rough go with the tail end of Gustav, and the concurrent rain and tornadoes (they got two I think). They lost a significant portion of the barn, but the homes are intact (her and her folks live on adjoining property) and there were no injuries to people or animals. So that's a blessing. Now they are watching the path of Hurricane Ike with cautious eyes. Thank you to everyone for praying for her and her family. I really appreciate it.

This weekend coming up is a big one for me. My girl Grace has gone to a dog show to be shown by a professional handler. She's a lovely girl, but only managed to pick up 3 of the required 10 points towards her Canadian title when I showed her last summer. I could continue showing her myself, but with a puppy to start out, I have decided to have a pro show her. I've never done this before, so I'm a bit nervous about waiting for results - I'd far rather be IN the ring than outside of it! Keep all fingers and paws crossed for Grace, please :)

Also taking place this weekend (on Sunday) is Jack's debut in the dog show ring. He will be 6 months and 10 seconds old when he struts his stuff (okay, probably not that young, but not too far off the mark). His black sister Barbie will also be making her debut, so hopefully they have fun and enjoy their time in the ring. Jack-Jack is growing into a very handsome young man, and I'm excited about his future.

Farley continues to hold his own. I used to say he was doing well, but his bad knees and bad back are really causing him to be stiff and sore. I'm waiting on some new pain medication for him (the pharmacy had to order it), so I hope it helps. I hate watching him age, mostly because I know what follows, and I'm SO not ready for it. This dog is my life . . . I need him for a bit longer. If for nothing else than to be my Rally-O demo dog for classes! If you can spare a thought for Farley, I'd appreciate. He'd rather you spared a cookie ;)


Visichy said...

Good luck with Grace & Jack. And give Farley a cookie from me :) I hope his body holds up for many years to come.

Weeza said...

I'm glad your friends are ok!

Ange said...

Good to hear that Terri is doing okay...I have been thinking about her since I heard that Ike was headed in that direction. I will certainly say a prayer for her and her family.
Knowing Grace, she'll enjoy having new people to show off for and will hopefully do well and earn some points.
Jack will be his usual charming, boisterous self (and with puppies, I'm sure that counts for something!)
Farley wants more than a cookie I'm sure (maybe I can send him a banana?) but I hope the new medication works with him. He will also get a prayer or two (if only so he can stop worrying his mama so much)!
Thanks for thew update!