Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter!

Yes, it's Easter weekend already . . . it seems to me that Easter is getting earlier and earlier every year. I remember when we used to celebrate it at the end of April, and now it's at the beginning of the month. Oh well, it means a long weekend for me, so I'll celebrate it whenever I'm told to :)

My folks are away, so I have the house to myself. I've been busy since they left, with grooming client dogs, but I have still managed to enjoy the peace and quiet. Living at home isn't really that tough (thankfully I have an excellent relationship with my parents), but sometimes it's nice to pretend it's just MY house for a while. The dogs enjoy not sharing my attention with others too.

I'm feeling domestic today, so I'm going to cook supper instead of ordering pizza, which is my standard operating procedure when the resident chefs are away. It's not a complicated meal, but if I don't post in a few days, know that I gave my self food poisoning LOL

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend, and that the sun is shining and you have some family and friends to share it with.

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Anonymous said...

What did you cook?