Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Had to "steal" this!

I borrowed this from my friend's cousin's blog . . . I figured it looked like fun. Thanks you-know-who-you-are!

Ten Random Things about Me:
10. I'm very indecisive
9. I love the color purple
8. I chew my nails
7. I love to read
6. I can memorize dog pedigrees very easily, while forgetting everything else
5. I do not want kids
4. I hate scary/gory movies
3. I watch way to much television
2. I can't go a day without checking my email
1. I love shopping

Nine Ways to Win My Heart:
9. Be honest
8. Make me laugh
7. Cook me dinner
6. Be intelligent
5. Love my dogs
4. Write me notes, letters or emails
3. Care about my family
2. Have a backbone
1. Accept me for me

Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
8. Attend Westminster dog show
7. Go to New York
6. Visit New Zealand
5. Own a house on some land
4. Become a published writer
3. Live in the same province as my best friend
2. Watch my nieces graduate from University
1. Volunteer for a good cause

Seven Ways to Annoy Me:
7. Cut me off in traffic
6. Lie to me
5. Act as if you know everything, when in fact I know that you don't
4. Say mean things about my dogs
3. Badmouth people I care about
2. Talk to me like a child
1. Drive like a moron

Six Things I Need:
6. My family
5. My dogs
4. Books
3. A Home
2. An Internet connection for my laptop
1. Meaningful work

Five Things I'm Scared Of:
5. Losing someone in my family
4. Spiders
3. Fire in my home
2. Being unemployed
1. Heights

Four Favorite Things in My Room:
4. My bed
3. My books
2. Dog crates
1. My TV

Three Things I Do Everyday:
3. Snuggle with my dogs
2. Read
1. Check my email

Two Things I'll Always Cherish:
2. My family
1. Pictures

One Confession I Must Make:
1. I am really quite shy, I just hide it well.


Sabrito said...

"You-know-who-you-are!" I feel like "You-know-who" in Harry Potter... for all of those who care.. the friend's cousin is ME!! This was fun to read Kelly... always nice to read someone elses that isn't your own :)

Visichy said...

And I'm the friend :) Great list Kelly :)

Ange said...

This is quite cool! I hope you don't mind...but I have future plans for this. I think it would be a neat thing to challenge my class with next year!