Sunday, June 11, 2006

Back In The Swing of Things

Today was Billy's first trip to the dog park in over a month. Poor guy has been missing out, first because of my trip to China, and then because of dog shows. So today was a very exciting day for him. As we drove to the park, he was whining and wiggling with excitement (either that or he really had to pee, it's hard to tell). As soon as I let him out of the car, he ran a HUGE circle around the entrance to the park, barking his head off to announce his arrival. He played with his friend Roxie (from obedience school, a pit bull-lab mix), and he also played with a Bulldog puppy that was too cute for words. His friend the Bullmastiff wasn't around today, and neither was his buddy the Golden Retriever. But he managed to play pretty hard for about 40 minutes anyhow. Then we came home and he had a bath. So he's all soft, shiny and pretty again. For at least 5 minutes.

Not much is new for me personally, except the horrible news that I somehow deleted my entire website :( What a heartbreaker! I recently got a new laptop, so I had to reinstall all of my programs (there is still lots to be done), and that includes Front Page. So as I was playing around with trying to update and publish Billy's page, somehow I managed to replace my entire website with just his page. UGH! So now I have to start over, but I don't have any of my pictures yet (Staples is backing up my old hard drive for me), so I can't even do anything. What a pain in the hind end.

Small update today, but don't want to get out of my blogging habit, so here you have it!

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Weeza said...

Ugh, losing data is the worst. Hopefully Staples can retrieve it for you. They have the best commercials ("That was easy") so of course that must mean they have the best services. :-)