Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project 52 - Week 2 - Newness

So this week (Week 2 of Project 52) had a topic of Newness . . . . I had a terrible time figuring out what I was going to take pictures of.  Yes, it's a new year, but that just didn't inspire me.  I wanted something clever and well outside the box.  Thankfully my co-worker was able to spend some time brainstorming with me, and I came up with something.

As you look at this picture, you may be wondering which part of it inspires thoughts of newness . . . Obviously the toy has been loved, the bowl is dull from use, and the kibble and clicker are unlikely to be the focus of this post.  So what is it?

Well, something I've been wanting to teach my dogs for ages is to pick up their toys and put them away.  So tonight I started teaching Jack Jack (the "baby" of my crew) a NEW trick!  Aha!  Newness enters the picture (okay, that was a bad pun . . . )

Jack Jack tries to figure out what to do with the toy.  If you're not familiar with clicker training, what I did tonight was tried to shape his behaviour.  Initially I clicked at him for looking at the toy, then pawing at it, then nosing it.  Then I upped the ante and clicked for him picking up it.

He figured out that I wanted him to pick it up fairly quickly . . . at this point (after 15 minutes of training), he's still dropping it as soon as I click, but we can strengthen the behaviour with more reinforcement.  I thought he did well with the NEW trick.

Jack wants to know if I'm proud.  Am I?  Huh?  Huh?  Huh?

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DogBreedz - Pet Photography by Peggy Mundell said...

Jack Jack, I'm sure your Momma is very proud ... I know I am (of you both)! I've been lagging on my kids "trick" training and you may have just inspired me to get on the ball. Or to pick up the ball. GOOD BOY!