Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A New Venture

A lot has changed since October 2010, which is when I last posted to my blog. The biggest change has been my venture into the world of pet photography. Not just as a hobby, which wouldn't be new news at all, but as a business. I obtained a business license from the municipal government and hung my shingle out for all to see. I didn't do any real advertising, so my first 8 months of business were slow. I did do six shoots, though, and I know that all of my clients were happy with the outcome. For 2012, I plan to do some advertising and some mini-sessions (short sittings with small online galleries for clients to choose photos from) to get my name out there. I'm really excited about this venture!

Part of my challenge for 2012 is to spend some more time developing my photographic eye and style. To that end, I'm taking part in something called Project 52, where a group of pet photographers take a photo (with a particular theme to it) and then link to each others' blogs.

I hope to be posting to this blog more actively, so those of you that have enjoyed my writing in the past, please keep your eyes peeled for nuggets of humour as 2012 progresses!

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