Sunday, July 30, 2006


I sure haven't felt like posting here lately. Haven't had much to say anyhow . . . I've been very stressed about Quigley. Wondering when the time would come, and whether or not I would know. Well, I definitely know, and now is the time. The spark has gone out of his eyes, and it's plain to see that he's in pain. He tries to hide it, but when he sleeps at night his breathing is so laboured it makes me sad to hear it. My vet clinic isn't open on weekends, so I am taking him there tomorrow. My mom is coming with me, bless her heart. Neither one of us will be fit to drive, I'm sure.

Quigley's given me 8 wonderful years of his life. He has been my constant companion and heart healer. When things have been tough, he's been there to lay by me and remind me that there is at least one soul that loves me. Throughout the stages of upheaval or change in my life, he has remained calm and steadfast. He changed from a terrified, abused dog into a wonderful family pet. He loves everybody, including kids. He has been incredibly gentle and loving with my two nieces, and I know they will really feel this loss too.

I just can't imagine the house with only two dogs. No dog that is a professional at getting into the cupboards to find snacks while we're at work. No dog to stealthily open our work bags and steal our lunches in the morning. No dog to insist (repeatedly) that we share our meals and snacks with him, regardless of what we're eating. No dog to coax outside in the rain because he thinks he's made of sugar and might melt. I just don't know what I'll do without my old man to hold me together. I know I'll make it, but it sure won't be easy.

Quigley - know that I love you no matter what, and I will always remember that you started this crazy Cocker Spaniel obsession. I will forever be changed by your presence in my life. Keep an eye on us from above, okay?

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Lyndarae said...

Please write more about Quigley, I would love to know, crazy things, favorite toys just anything that comes to mind. It's a great vent and what better way to share it than blogging. Look forward to more when you feel like writing.