Friday, January 08, 2010

Biggest Loser on the Wii

So today was my first time trying out the Biggest Loser game for the Wii system. I got it for Christmas, but was really busy with company and family. Lame excuse, I know, but whatever. At least I tried it before June 20 Having read the reviews on this site, I thought it might not be challenging enough. The threads I've read have been pretty evenly split between people liking it and not liking it.

I put the game in the console and got ready to see what would come my way. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. It was QUITE the workout, and this was on the easiest level. The warm-up is 6 minutes, the main workout is 20 minutes and the cool down is 8 minutes. My heart was pumping and the sweat was pouring off me. Some of the exercises were hard to do in terms of the Wii Fit board "reading" my movements, but since I'm a trained physiotherapist, I know the correct body movements.

My overall impression is that it's definitely challenging (much more so than the Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus) and much easier to do than Jillian Micheals' original boot camp game. If you have a Wii, it might be a good way to mix up your routine!


Visichy said...

I played on Valerie's Wii Fit Plus today for the first time. It was fun and I want my own. I'll for sure keep your recommendation in mind if/when I get the Wii. Thanks :)

Dani said...

We have Wii Fit, but biggest loser might be fun too! I have to say, my balance/movements are not at all what the wii fit board would like to see.... so is this any different?

I have no hope of ever learning balance and grace at this point!

I don't want to go out and buy something else that tells me i can't balance to save my life =) *hehe*

Brenda said...

I've been wondering about this one for the WII. I know I don't consider my WII fit program as enough cardio for me to 'lose weight'. We use it just to compete against each other in the evenings (better than sitting on the couch watching tv). I am going to try the BL one though. Sounds like they finally got it right :)

Sarah C said...

Ooooo... good to know. I love my Wii Fit Plus, but I want something a bit more now. Thanks for the recommendation.