Sunday, August 30, 2009

Deja Vu All Over Again

Those of you that have been faithful blog followers of mine from the beginning might remember me posting about my puppy Billy taking a flying leap into the hot tub as I was closing the cover. I did a quick search for that post, but couldn't find it. I distinctly remember writing it, but whatever . . . maybe the blog Gremlins took it.

Anyhow, today it was hotter than hot outside (for Northern Alberta), so we were all out enjoying the sunshine. We all know that winter is coming sooner rather than later, so we're trying to soak up as many rays as we can while they're still around. Anyhow, my dad was barbecuing steaks for supper (can you say yummy???) and my mom and I were soaking our feet in the hot tub - we just rolled up our capris and dangled our feet in. I couldn't see Jack Jack anywhere, so I called his name. He came flying up the steps of the deck and did the doggy version of the cannonball right into the tub! He swam to the edge and then I hauled him out.
So far Grace is the only dog of mine (well, except for Quigley) that hasn't jumped into the hot tub. Everybody else has done it at least once - Keeley, Billy (many times!), Farley and now Jack Jack. It must be an initiation thing or something . . .
On another note, I bought the dogs a Nina Ottosson ( puzzle toy. They're made of wood, and they encourage the dogs to think and play and use their brains. I wasn't sure if they'd be able to figure it out (it's The Brick, if you visit the website). I was surprised to see that the dogs figured it out quickly . . . especially Jack Jack. I honestly think that the clicker training has taught him to think and reason things out, and that will help him with these kinds of games. I figure that mental stimulation is always good, so I'm glad the dogs like this thing . . . it's just another way to keep them occupied.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Weeza said...

I was curious about that dog toy so I went to the website you linked to, and watched the video that shows the dogs with the toys. That's really cool stuff! The dogs seemed to really enjoy the challenge. I would get something like that for my cats but they would just sit there and glare at me until I took the treats back out of the toy and put them on a plate, lol.

Visichy said...

LOL @ Weeza. There in lies the difference between dogs and cats.

Sarah C said...

I love the drowned doggie picture!

Brenda said...

I can picture Jack Jack in flight...ears flapped straight out from his head...front legs stretched forward, rear legs stretched back...splash!!
Meanwhile Grace is standing back watching him thinking to herself "Boys!"